HolyU talks about his past, influences and latest Magnolia Road, Pt. 2 EP

Hailing from the culturally rich Northern Italy, Torino based producer HolyU has been climbing up the ranks with seemingly no pressure. The young producer, whose production technique and sound are far beyond the likes of those who’ve spent twice the amount of time producing, is calm about is his success and emanates a sense of freshness about being an artist. After releasing twice on TurnItUp Muzik and Bonerizing Records in 2015, HolyU has turned the game around after raking up a staggering 4 releases – 2 singles and 2 EPs – on deadmau5mau5trap label.

And now the Italian producer is looking to set in stone his success with the release of his 2 part Magnolia Road EP. Featuring a silky smooth mixture of what he terms ‘organic and underground,’ both EPs are a prime example of his adeptness behind the production desk aside from being an array of tracks that mesmerize with their touch-and-go groovy Techno vibes. Set to release the second part of the Magnolia Road EP, the steadily rising HolyU talked to us exclusively on a myriad topics – including his latest releases on the revered mau5trap imprint.

How long have you been a producer/DJ for? Tell us about the origin of your music. What inspired you to pursue your career as an artist?

I started producing no more than 4 years ago… it was during summer holidays, I recall it perfectly. To be specific, two close friends of mine introduced me to electronic music. They used to play at the club where I usually went to, and, after listening them for several times I decided to try composing.

Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on your productions?

It could be a little weird, but I’ve never had a particular inspiring DJ throughout my short “career”. It depends on the time: I was recently inspired by ATTLAS, Stimming, the boss, deadmau5, and my music-mate Mariatti. I love artists who are always looking for new vibes, new arrangements and new styles.

Tell us a bit about your latest EP “Magnolia Road (Pt.2)” on mau5trap, how did the EP came to life and what were the inspirations behind it?

After releasing ‘Hidden Lines’ and ‘Lift Arrived_Second Floor’ on ‘We Are Friends vol.6’ and ‘foar moar vol.2’ I decided to work on 3 new tunes, more or less along the same sound, plus the huge collaboration with Mariatti ‘K+N=X’, just supported by deadmau5 on his last BBC Radio 1’s residency. The main concept was to have a kinda gloomy mix between electronic and techno vibes, with melodic touches. Originally the idea behind ‘Magnolia Road’ was to release it as a unique EP, including 4 tracks. My manager Stefano sent it to mau5trap and they proposed us to divide it into two different parts: fresh and brilliant suggestion!



Speaking of new music, you have an upcoming track titled “Irritable Monkeys” which is going to be featured on mau5trap’s forthcoming “We Are Friends” renowned compilation. Could you tell us a bit about how it feels to be part of mau5trap’s group? Have you had the chance to work with Joel yet?

It has definitely been my goal since two years of hard work. So… being part of mau5trap’s family is very satisfying and rewarding for me. They are a fantastic team: from Chris, the label manager, to all the other components who make this label great. The second question is just a dream, not possible in this life…

You burst into the scene not so long ago with the melodic masterpiece, “Hidden Lines”. Could you tell us about your journey so far?

What do I have to say..? Definitely a fantastic journey that I would never have expected! A year full of reached targets, full of music and new experiences!

What can we expect from you in 2018 in terms of music? Are you open to releasing on other labels or will you be focusing mainly on delivering stuff on deadmau5’s mau5trap?

I hope 2018 gonna be huge, with a lot of fresh tunes. I’m already working on new tracks, this time with really interesting vocals also. Obviously mau5trap will be my first choice, but it also depends on what I will come up with!

The Magnolia Road, Pt. 2 EP is available for purchase on iTunes here.

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