Janelle X

Janelle discusses musical influences, women in the music industry, & future plans

Along with the rise of female artists in the electronic dance music scene comes a brilliant DJ and producer who has been making her waves felt for almost a decade now. Italian powerhouse Janelle is currently one of the industry’s longstanding talents who began her career in 2008 and learned the art of DJing from her own father. Seamlessly blending pop, dance, and electronic elements together, Janelle clearly knows how to enliven a room with her stunning music productions and incredible prowess behind the DJ booth. With the release of her latest track “Illuminate“, which is out now on Blanco Y Negro Music, Janelle’s future is certainly looking more promising and her momentum should only carry over into 2018.

Recently, We Rave You had the opportunity to chat with Janelle herself. In this interview, the highly talented artist talks about her inspirations and influences in music, her newest single “Illuminate”, her thoughts on women in the industry, and her plans for the upcoming new year.

1. How long have you been a producer/DJ for? Tell us about the origin of your music. What inspired you to pursue your career as an artist?

I’ve been a DJ/producer since 2008. My father taught me the art of DJing and passed his passion down to me.
Unfortunately he died in 2015, but now I feel his presence in everything I do and he gives me the strength to go on in this beautiful but difficult world. I decided to start my career as an artist when I needed to create my own music, sharing with people my skills in a professional way.

2. Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on your productions?

At the beginning of my career I loved the [Swedish House Mafia] so much. Surely the influences in the world of music are changing very fast year by year and so, at this moment, I’d like to inspire my productions to Don Diablo’s sounds. I think it will be the sound of the future.

3. You’ve just released a mesmerizing new track on Blanco Y Negro titled “Illuminate”. How did the track come to life? And what were the inspirations behind this record?

Night is what inspires me most. “Illuminate” was thought of during a very cool moment, when I was searching for some vibes to compose. I chose to produce what represents me, with sweet sounds but also strong drops. This is my dream: to produce songs that can be remembered by my followers and, one day, by the world. I don’t only follow the trends, I also want to test new sounds.

4. We’ve seen women on the rise over the past few years, with artists like Alison Wonderland, REZZ, and The Black Madonna helping to shape the dance music industry. Do you feel that the trend will continue and see women achieve further dominance in the scene, or is there more work to be done?

I think this is not only a trend, but it’s a very big movement, that will bring an innovation. Music always needs to grow and to change. What the world of music needs now is cohesion: probably women have to do more hard work, but certainly, in a few years, they will be at the top!

5. What are your feelings on gender inequality within dance music? Do you feel that being a woman can hold artists back in their musical careers?

There shouldn’t be a difference between men and women DJs: it’s a foolish discrimination. Women can only add freshness to this world of DJing. Obviously they shouldn’t only show their appearance, but also their capabilities. I think women might be a focal point of the new generation of DJs, making their musical careers grow.

6. What does 2018 hold in store? Any hints or clues that we could get about future productions and collaborations?

In 2018 there will be a big renewal for my song “Illuminate” and also many collaborations. I’m a person who loves sharing her passion with other DJs, so I’m ready for those who want to give me a chance to collaborate. Additionally, I’m preparing another single but I can’t say anything for the moment!

Check out Janelle’s latest track “Illuminate” below and you can download it from Beatport here.