Laidback Luke opens up about “rigged” DJ Mag Top 100 list

Coming as a storm of posts on his twitter account, DJ Laidback Luke confesses why he did not make the DJ Mag Top 100 this year. Claiming the reasoning behind his absence from the top 100 this year was related to comments he made in a vlog, Luke was infuriated over the response from editors.

In a tweet he made on December 20th, the DJ states “Do you want to know the truth as to why I didn’t make it into the @DJMag top100 this year? It’s because of this VLOG. *rant on the way”. As the stage was set for a stream of distaste and malcontent, Luke started to call out editors on twitter and mentioned they referred to him as ““not popular enough” and “A has-been-EDM DJ”. The esteemed producer has stirred the DJ Mag top 100 pot before. In August of this year he opened up about the history, design, and process involved in the culmination of the DJ Mag top 100 DJ’s list. This time, Laidback Luke claims that DJ Mag came after him following his opinion on the process, he writes “After my VLOG, DJ Mag reaches out to try and take it down, threatening to stop doing business with me. There was no business anyway, so I kept the VLOG live. In attached email convo with my management, they are well aware of wrong-doings”.

DJ Mag awards the worlds most popular DJ, not the best DJ. The issue at hand is one that possibly reoccurs time and time again throughout any industry, “you want to find the truth? Follow the money”. The DJ proclaims that he wants to return to the time when he loved the industry for what it was, now he says the DJ Mag has evolved into a “monster”. Overall, Laidback Luke claims he doesn’t care about his position on the list, he just wants the DJ’s that throw money into the system to stop, and change what they are doing.

Read up on his tweets below.