MenEnd – Slivers of Love (Album Review)

Born and raised in the gorgeous Spanish capital of Madrid, MenEnd (a.k.a Javier Toledo) arguably is one of the most exciting up-coming independent contemporary R&B artists in the scene right now. A self-taught singer, songwriter and producer, Javier prides himself on his quality productions. With early electronic and pop influences, he displays great versatility in all his projects and continues to refine his signature R&B sound, that has already touched thousands of listeners all around the world. Now, the Spanish-American has delivered his new album, ‘Slivers of Love‘.

While the majority of MenEnd’s music is Hip-Hop influenced, ‘Slivers of Love’ can’t be categorized under one genre. Drawing influences from Hip-Hop, RnB, Trap and Soul, MenEnd vibrantly displays his versatility and ability to create differing works of art. The album’s most successful track, ‘Peace of Mind‘ features vocals from Javier and Bay Area-native Shell Puppy. Their voices combine to deliver harmonic bliss, adding to the song’s already tranquil vibe. Following their duet comes a guitar solo. Drenched with reverb and delay the guitar puts listeners in a divine, serene trance of relaxation. MenEnd continues to convey his relaxed Rnb/Soul vibe, in his track ‘Hero‘. Incorporating a soft piano in conjunction with subtle pads proves to be a fitting complement to his smooth, delicate voice.

Tracks such as ‘I Found You‘ and ‘Missing Ya/Petty‘ boast a heavy Rap/Hip-Hop vibe, driven by thudding 808 kicks and persistent hat rolls, in conjunction with Javier’s processed vocals. However, he changes things up and flaunts his Spanish roots in ‘Quién? ft. Dirty Suc‘, a reggaeton/trap song sung entirely in Spanish. In addition to this, he strips things back in his simple, yet soulful track ‘Classic‘. Simply singing over a blissful electric guitar and smooth bass guitar, MenEnd makes excellent use of double-tracking and overdubbing, highlighting his soft vocals.

Despite being just 21 years of age, MenEnd displays musical and production ability beyond his ears. His means of seamlessly transitioning between genres is undoubtedly his strongest skill. While blending RnB and pop is a common practice, MenEnd’s own unique touch gives his music a different edge.

Be sure to listen to ‘Slivers of Love’ below and purchase here.

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