MR.BLACK concludes an impressive 2017 with mini-mix of his releases

Presently enjoying the success and appreciation of his latest remixes for KSHMR’s ‘Strange Lands‘ single and Tiësto & Sevenn’s track ‘BOOM‘, MR.BLACK is back to the grind with yet another gift for his fans and followers to end their year with a cheer. In an attempt to conclude the glorious year he has had, the Israeli DJ and production virtuoso has taken to the task and curated a sumptuous 6 and half minute long mini-mix of sorts which focuses on the music output coming from his production desk.

Kicking things off with his March release ‘Badman‘ featuring 22Bullets and Richie Loop, the short mix sees MR.BLACK run through his original releases first and then head towards his releases with fellow producer and DJ Asher Swissa, who is better known as DJ Skazi, under their Warriors moniker. The mix moves forward with his other releases such as ‘Party People‘ with Ale Mora, ‘Higher‘ with the previous two ‘Badman’ collaborators, his ‘BOOM’ remix, the ‘Strange Lands’ remix and finally concluding the minimix with the three releases as the Warriors duo, namely the ‘BYOB‘ remix, ‘Dana’ & the ‘Becoming Insane’ remix with Infected Mushroom. All in all, a stellar year from an artist going strength to strength with others in the industry, the mix marks a moment of rest for MR.BLACK before he gets on track to make 2018 his own year.

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