Nicky Romero hints at release of long-awaited track ‘Circle of One’

The electronic music industry has always been high-paced, with a high volume of releases dropping every single week. With such an environment, however, there are always tracks which are left behind, never seeing release. The reasons behind this can be a variety of issues, from management or label disagreements to the artists themselves deciding not to release the track. One of the tracks which never saw the light of day was a collaboration between Nicky Romero and Eva Simons, which has been long-awaited since 2013. In an unexpected turn, Nicky Romero took to Twitter to respond to requests for the track to finally be released.

Having been debuted at Ultra Music Festival in Miami in 2013, fans have been awaiting release for a long time, and until very recently, it seemed that this was an impossibility. In a string of tweets posted over the last few days, Nicky Romero has named a number of reasons for the track not being released, including it being unfinished, and needing approval from vocalist Eva Simons. The latter of the two claims, sparked a tweet from Simons who refuted Romero’s claims, stating that she has never had any issues with releasing the track, and blamed him for stopping the release due to not being happy with the finished product.

However, the Tweets have had a positive outcome, sparking conversation between the two artists with Nicky Romero suggesting that the track be given away for free. Of course, fans were over the moon, and flooded in with pleas asking the two artists to release the track as soon as possible. Only time will tell if the track will ever be released, but fans have finally been given a new glimmer of hope that one of the most long-awaited releases of all time may finally see the light of day.

Take a look at Nicky Romero debuting the track during his iconic Ultra 2013 set below.

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