Home Uncategorized Exclusive Interview: Peking Duk discuss new album on London Bus with Icona Pop
A scenario like few seen

Exclusive Interview: Peking Duk discuss new album on London Bus with Icona Pop

Home Uncategorized Exclusive Interview: Peking Duk discuss new album on London Bus with Icona Pop

A scenario like few seen before, the setting for an interview with Aussie duo Peking Duk was almost as decadent as the pair themselves, as Adam and Reuben, aka Peking Duk, toured around London on their open-top bus, courtesy of The Original Tour.

Combining their stereotypical Aussie-in-London tourist vibes with their hectic ‘YOLO’ lifestyle, it wasn’t long before the outlandish duo had transformed the double decker into a ‘Party Wagon’ full of drinks, pumping tunes, and vibrant decor, as the people of London waved in amusement up to their hosting heroes, clad in rockstar-style black bombers and hangover shades, sweeping their shaggy brown locks away from their eyes as the December winds blustered through the vehicle’s top deck on a sunny midweek afternoon.

Leading a stellar cast of electronic talent on the bus, the ‘Fake Magic’ duo were joined by another eclectic pair, in the shape of Icona Pop; the flamboyant girls most famed for their 2013 hit ‘I Love It’ – which has so far amassed more than a whopping 250 million Spotify streams. Made up of Caroline and Ain, Icona Pop – who have supported the likes of Katy Perry and One Direction – sat down with We Rave You, and Peking Duk, to discuss the latter’s upcoming show at Camden’s Koko, as well as recent collab ‘Let You Down’ as the quartet danced their way over the Thames and past some of London’s most iconic sights…


Let’s talk about the new single, ‘Let You Down’ – How did that first come about?

Peking Duk: “Well the idea for it started here in London actually, on Pete Townsend’s boat. We found out that you can rent a boat studio, so we did that for a week and made songs every day. At the start of the song actually, you can hear a big squeaky door, which is from the boat. So we recorded that and made the song. And actually… We bumped into Icona Pop in Stockholm a week before and as soon as made it, we were like: “Icona Pop would kill this!”

Icona Pop: “We knew we had to make the record asap because we just connected with it immediately. The track is based on personal circumstances. It is like saying “Get away from me because you could do so much without me” – Like when you are in a relationship and you just want to tell the other person, I don’t want to destroy you so you should run whilst you can!”

So how did you all first meet?

Peking Duk: “Well we met in Miami. It was after we played at the W in Miami 4 years ago, and after the show, we spilled some orange juice all over someone’s bag on the plane, and it was Icona Pop! We got talking, and they were like, “Oh hey, we saw these Aussie DJ’s at the W” and we were.. WAIT! That was us! Icona pop are part of our family now, we have worked in Stockholm a lot with Icona, and Stockholm is the best city in the world.”


Even better than London?

Icona Pop: “Well no because look! (Pointing from the roof of the bus) That is Winter Wonderland over there at Hyde Park and that is the best place ever! That is why I love London! We had the most insane night here, we climbed over a fence to the Winter Wonderland over a fence when we lived here a few years back, and we danced all night.”

Peking Duk: “The best stuff we have ever made was all done in London, we wrote it all here. But we can party for a week straight here! Always, there is something happening. You can just make friends here, you sit alone in a pub, last night we went to the football, and we met this these fans who just started talking to us! But our favourite place is Koko in Camden. We had the best night of our life there as fans once. And now we sold it out ourselves, so it is mad!”

Icona Pop: “Yeah we love Koko too, we played there before, and the balcony is great. It is such a great venue!”

So what does the future hold for Peking Duk, and Icona Pop?

Peking Duk: “We have an album that is coming out in 2018, we keep talking about it and saying it will come, but it hasn’t yet, but in 2018 it really will! We think late-March is when we will release it!”

Icona Pop: “And in February, we will also release a new single, but the most exciting thing is that we are gonna tour with Peking Duk some more because these guys are great!”

Peking Duk: “Yeah, and it will be the most lit thing we have ever seen! Plus we have a new single out in January called ‘Wasted’ which is inspired by London, because London is where you come to get wasted!”


Having received four ARIA Award nominations for Best Dance Release, Best Group, Best Live Act and Apple Music Song Of The Year for ‘Stranger’ feat. Elliphant, Canberra-bred duo Peking Duk have captivated fans around the world with their distinct flavour of pop-infused electronica. Tearing down the iconic KOKO Camden with their electrifying live set on 15th December, the highly personable pair know how to throw a party with their confetti-cannoned performances serving as an embodiment of their positive, 24/7 lifestyle and attitude.

Their latest release, ‘Let You Down’, with Icona Pop is out now, and can be heard below:

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