Dutch label RecPlay Records begin their journey with exciting releases

Off the mark with the first release on their label, the folks at RecPlay Records are an aspiring new label in the midst of the Dance music industry. Featuring German producer Hikari and fellow countrywoman Kaii on ‘Memories’ – the label’s debut release, the Dutch setup of RecPlay Records is looking to build on its studio’s rich history to birth itself into success. Located amidst the woods at the Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, the RecPlay Records folk have the bragging rights of accessing recording facilities at the same studio where greats such as Elton John, Metallica, String Scorpions, Iron Maiden, U2, 50 Cent and Akon among a myriad others had once plied their trade.

But every new advent, no matter how great the history of the task it is undertaking is, has its own stories and they must be scripted by the people involved in it at present. Which is why the group of friends which is behind the RecPlay Records initiative have made sure that the label setup ‘breathes music’ for them and all the artists who have signed up for their label’s journey.

1: December 1st: Hikari Ft Kaii – Memories (Future Bass)

2: December 5th: Hansol – Confusions (Techno)

3: December 11th: Skywalk Ft Gerian – Teeth White (Pop)

4: December 12th: Birthh – Chlorine (No Class Rework) (Future Bass)

5: December 16th: Davoodi – Lights Out (Trap)

6: December 29th: Bowles & White Zoo – Into The Unknown Ft Noah Neal

7: December 31st: FIRST – INIT (Trap)

RecPlay will be releasing a new track every single day during December to celebrate its launch.

Check out the label’s introduction video below, featuring their mind-blowing studios:


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