Sam Feldt brings summer fun to Chicago with his Sunrise to Sunset Tour

Sam Feldt delivered a set at the Concord Music Hall in Chicago full of the summer fun of his ‘Sunrise to Sunset‘ album, just as winter came to the Windy City. Feldt’s energy was perfectly complemented and matched by the addition of his tour mates: saxophonist Justin Ward and trumpet player Quirijn Vos. The brass instrumentation was incredible, matching every undulating, upbeat synth with the inescapable bliss of live music. When Avicii unveiled a live band at his Ultra set in 2013, he was assailed by fans, but the electronic dance music scene benefited from his mold-breaking, as Feldt’s live show effortlessly indicated.

With its superb lighting and sound, the Concord Music Hall is one of Chicago’s best venues, and promoter React Presents struck gold with booking the show at the venue. Opening act Plaid Hawaii, who we had earlier discovered at the Silent Disco at this year’s North Coast Music Festival, set the tone perfectly for Sam Feldt. His signature brand of playing upbeat, tropical house and sunny progressive house created some magical moments, such as when he played Syn Cole’s ‘It’s You’ and Mida’s cover of Cher’s iconic ‘Believe’ which prompted a singalong.

Feldt’s set was impeccably orchestrated, from the sequence of the tracks, to the purple lights, and shimmering visuals on the screens. In moments, he would let Ward and Vos take center stage, getting the crowd going with their triumphant brass sound. Feldt himself had boisterous energy, jumping and ushering the crowd into a joyful frenzy with every build up. It was truly exciting to hear his new material from his debut album ‘Sunrise to Sunset’, including the beautifully wistful ‘Alive (The Edge)’, ‘Sensational’, and ‘Fade Away’. His classic material like the Club Mix of ‘Summer on You’ brightly shone equally alongside the tracks from other artists he included, such as Avicii’s ‘Without You’.

Sam Feldt’s show was one of the best of the year in Chicago, and the city was lucky to have the young Dutch tropical and deep house star play twice in one year. Deserving of every success that comes his way, the music he crafted for his album and played on the Sunrise to Sunset Tour encapsulates the unadulterated happiness inherent in his resplendent music.