Skylimit & RH4DEZ – Remember You

Young producers Skylimit & RH4DEZ have teamed up to create unique Electronic anthem titled ‘Remember You‘, out now on Univz‘s Aesthetic Vibes. While the track is categorized as Electronica/Downtempo, it’s impossible to narrow down this unique track to just one genre, as it draws inspiration from a vast array of genres.

While the duo are miles apart, they both share the same burning passion for dance music. Skylimit, who is based in the U.S and RH4DEZ, who is based in Hungary, are both inspired by genre-shaping artists such as Porter Robinsondeadmau5 and Daft Punk. Starting out young, they each spent years honing in on their craft and developing their own respective sounds. Now, they’ve come together to deliver a unique piece of music.

The track beings with a light-hearted harp, which is eventually joined by a solid kick and snare, continuing throughout the intro. While the harp subtly persists throughout the first break, a warm grand piano makes its entrance, further emphasizing the track’s soft, delicate atmosphere. As the track ascends, double-tracked vocals are introduced before gospel-like vocals enter, creating a great sense of ambience. A well-produced track, it draws an eerie likeness to Porter Robinson’s ‘Sad Machine‘, while boasting its own individual identity.

Be sure to listen to Skylimit & RH4DEZ’s ‘Remember You’ below and purchase it here.

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