SLANDER & Sullivan King – Welcome to the Fire

American DJs and producers SLANDER are back with an emphatic statement in the form of a brand new collaborative track alongside multi-instrumentalist Sullivan King. Titled “Welcome to the Fire“, this latest Disciples Recordings release is packed with elements from heavy metal and bass-heavy, electronic sounds.

Whether you are a “basshead” or a die-hard metal fan, this production has something amazing to offer. Right from the get-go, listeners are treated with an insurmountable amount of energy as the track delivers its distorted synths and pumping basslines.

Along with the screaming vocals, guitar riffs, and overpowering drops, this record maintains a high level of intensity from start to finish that would surely electrify any crowd. Overall, with its brilliant combination of dubstep and metal elements, “Welcome to the Fire” is expected to dominate the festival and club scene within the next year.

SLANDER are no stranger to the electronic music circuit whether they are releasing music or slaying the stage at any music event around the world. Most notably, this year has seen the duo successfully release the likes of “Superhuman”, “We Out”, and “One Life”, as well as an EP called ‘Decapitation Celebration’ alongside Kayzo.

SLANDER have also headlined festivals such as Ultra Music Festival and Electric Daisy Carnival this year, and have scored more gigs in cities like Las Vegas and New York for the next coming months.

Fellow Los Angeles based talent Sullivan King has also been making his waves through the industry. With his energy-filled music and performances, his name has begun surfacing more across the globe and he has successfully broken through many barriers to make himself stand out from the rest.

Especially with his recent releases on record labels such as Rottun Recordings and Kannibalen Records, and now “Welcome to the Fire” with SLANDER, Sullivan King’s ascension to the top should only expedite.

Check out the full track below and you can download/stream it here.