The Trash Mermaids – Cryptic Love (DrewG Remix)

San Diego based DJ and producer DrewG has once again taken his career to entirely new heights with the release of a brand new remix. Known for his prolific productions, the Dirty Pop member has fused in his own sounds to The Trash Mermaids‘ track titled “Cryptic Love” and formed an absolute masterpiece.

Speaking about the original record, DrewG stated:

“When I first heard “Cryptic Love” by The Trash Mermaids , it stuck in my head for days. Scarlett Blu’s lyrics are deep, intense, and haunting.”

DrewG’s remix impeccably blends Scarlett Blu’s mesmerizing vocals with a series of ear-popping melodies and groovy basslines. DrewG brings his brilliant electronic pop elements to the table and creates an overall must-hear production. Especially with its catchy synths and progressions, this remix will surely energize any place up.

Throughout his illustrious career, DrewG has gained prominence for pushing the boundaries and always striving for better results. As a co-founder of the Dirty Pop brand alongside fellow producer Brian Cua, he has successfully established the number 1 traveling dance party in the United States and has brought some of the most electrifying performances at the country’s renowned clubs and music venues.

Not only has DrewG earned success through his brand and DJ performances, he has also been vastly supported through his remarkable releases. Most notably, he has reached the higher ranks of the Billboard Club Charts with his music and has delivered official remixes for some of the industry’s biggest artists such as Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, and Ke$ha. With this new remix for The Trash Mermaids’ “Cryptic Love” under his name as well, DrewG’s success only continues.

Check out the track below and you can download the rest of the remixes for “Cryptic Love” on iTunes here.