The best of: Third Party

Having surged up the ladder in recent times, UK duo Third Party are quickly establishing themselves as one of dance music’s biggest names. We Rave You pay tribute to the progressive house heroes with our Third Party’s 10 best tracks of all time:

10) Get Back
An aggressive and thumping production, ‘Get Back’ is the pure embodiment of Third Party’s proggy, club-made sound.

9) Have No Fear
Euphoric and emotional, ‘Have No Fear’ has become a singalong classic in live shows for the Essex pair.

8) Guiding Light
Another masterpiece from their incredible 2017 album ‘Hope’, this track combines looped vocals with electrifying breakdowns.

7) Without You
Laced with an iconic hook, the Release Records duo show off their highly polished production talents on this release.

6) Everyday of My Life
With pumping synth-based chords, and a festival mainstage style hook, this one echoes the early work of a certain Mr Steve Angello.

5) Another Storm
Locking in their own edit of Corey James & WIll K’s production, the Third Party boys lace this one with a rumbling drop, perfect for your ‘gymspiration.’

4) Live Forever
A feel-good anthem like no other, ‘Live Forever’ is a real close-your-eyes, hands-to-the-skies barnstormer!

3) Lions In The Wild
This Martin Garrix collab from 2016 has well and truly cemented a place amongst the greatest dance tracks ever made.

2) Veins
Third Party’s own personal favourite track, this slice of progressive house perfection comes straight from the door of the famous ‘Hope’ album.

1) Hurt
An emotive track featuring resonating vocals, the production blends the perfect balance of raw melancholy, with euphoria on a thunderous breakdown.

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