Swiss DJ and producer Chantaro releases an intense remix of VIU VIU's song titled "Mala Mala", which is out now on his own record label Tradrec.

VIU VIU – Mala Mala (Chantaro Remix)

Swiss producer and DJ Chantaro has recently been making a lot of noise within the electronic dance music scene. Back with another release on his label Tradrec, Chantaro drops his brilliant remix of VIU VIU‘s song titled “Mala Mala“.

The remix opens up with the original track’s male vocals blended with a series of shortened plucks, synths, and beats. With the remix intensifying, the hard-hitting drop ensues and brings a vast amount of energy with its catchy, repetitive vocals and distorted synths.

A mid-progression that features the original’s female vocals bridges the first climatic sequence to the concluding part of the track, which perfectly ends the remix with a bang. Overall, with its top-notch electro sounds, Chantaro’s remix is more than worthy of any main stage around the world.

Since entering the industry, Chantaro has not only managed his own label successfully, but he has also delivered many high-quality tracks under his name. From “Features” to his Matrix Music Records release “Stromboli”, Chantaro has undoubtedly formed an impressive discography.

This year also saw the release of Chantaro’s most supported track titled “Lights”, which truly put the Swiss producer under many people’s radar. Now with the release of this remarkable remix of “Mala Mala”, Chantaro’s career is only looking brighter as the new year arrives.

Check out the remix below and you can download the track, along with many of Tradrec’s other releases, here.

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