ZAYN – Dusk Till Dawn Ft. Sia (Sonarise & Gassper Remix)

Zayn Malik and Sia’s latest hit ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ has been dominating the radio airwaves for the past few months, making it a popular track for producers to add their own spin to. Up and comers Sonarise and Gassper are the latest to put their twist to the hit, which is sure to catch the attention of everyone who hears it. With both artists hailing from Athens, Greece, Sonarise has been developing his progressive groove sound for the past number of years, and has improved immensely with each subsequent release. And although little is known about the rising coming talent Gassper, with more tracks like this he is definitely one to keep an eye out for in the future.

On this occasion, they opt for an electro style production with a trap infused beat, adding a whole other dimension to the impressive vocals of Zayn and Sia. With an atmospheric chord progression adding intensity at the breakdown, the light-hearted synths play wonderfully in unison with the verses. We are swiftly led to the emphatic drop, where the addictive basslines and staggering trap sounds create a remix that has just the right amount of punch to get any dance floor moving.

Easy to listen to, catchy, and an allover impressive display of production technique, it’s fair to say the two producers did a fantastic job with this. Be sure to grab your free copy below.