Zedd opens up about 2017, working with Alessia Cara & upcoming albums

It has been a fabulous year for German producer and DJ Zedd with him ending up among one of Billboard’s Hot 100 of 2017. His track ‘Stay‘ with Alessia Cara came in at no. 17, while his other track, ‘Starving‘ featuring Hailee Steinfeld and Grey finished up at the other end 82nd spot. Among Spotify statistics too, Zedd’s performance was nothing less than stellar with all his three high-end collaborations raking up a staggering 44 million hours of streamed music. If that was not enough from the industry itself, the producer was also named by the revered Forbes Magazine as part of its ‘30 Under 30‘ feature.

Speaking with Variety magazine, the German artist reflected upon his year. Talking about his track ‘Stay‘ with Canadian singer and songwriter, Zedd says:

“I was thinking of who could be a good fit for a vocal, and I was in the car and I heard an Alessia Cara song on the radio. I thought her voice was really close in terms of vocal color and expression to the demo vocal.”

With the topic at hand, Zedd also went on to show his appreciation of Alessia’s personality, saying:

“We’re the same type of person. There’s obviously people in the industry who change and who aren’t as pleasant to be around, and she’s just the perfect example of a good human being who works hard and is genuine. Even after ‘Stay’ the next song I was producing was a female vocalist as well, and my first thought was man it was so nice to work with Alessia, why can’t I just make another song with her?”

Zedd was also seen clarifying and appreciating the role his management plays in his career and music by showing the cooperativeness of the group:

“My management and label don’t ever really jump in and tell me when a song will be a single or not, because I think we have a pretty clear understanding that I make the decision”. “My label may say, ‘Hey, I think this may be a better thing’ or ‘Maybe you shouldn’t do this,’ but they will never be able to tell me no, because they respect me as an artist, which is amazing.”

Zedd also went on to state the 2018 will be “one of the most exciting” years for him. With two albums, one that will follow the ‘Stay’ style of production and another that will see him experiment with his musical ability, already in the works, Zedd says of the latter:

“They’re these long chord progressions that I’ve been writing that I don’t even know how to put into electronic music yet. Maybe I’m just going to go the opposite route and write a score — or make it orchestral, and use them for something else or somebody else.”

Ending the interview, Zedd is hopeful for his return to the dance-floor with his sumptuous music. But he does state that “the most important part as an artist is to always follow exactly what you want to do, and never follow what people want you to do”.

Full-Interview: Variety

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