The best of: Above & Beyond

True kings of progressive-trance, UK trio Above & Beyond are capable of causing euphoria and outbreaks of emotion in equal measure. We Rave You honour Jono, Tony and Paavo, by taking a look at our Top 10 Above & Beyond tracks of all time:

10) Sticky Fingers
This monstrous 2014 anthem is always a popular part of the trio’s live sets, with a thunderous drop and crackling hook.

9) My Own Hymn
Released in summer 2017, ‘My Own Hymn’ has already become a firm fans favourite thanks to the haunting vocals of Zoe Johnston.

8) Fly To New York (Above & Beyond vs Jason Ross edit)
A peaceful and melancholic production which crackles into life after a soothing build, the Jason Ross edit takes things to a higher level.

7) Blue Sky Action
A singalong classic that leaves thousands screaming of their intentions to be ‘King for a day’, Blue Sky Action is a production masterclass from the trance triplet.

6) Another Chance
A thumping melodic release with powerfully explosive chords, turn the volume all the way up for this one!

5) Counting Down The Days
Laced with an emotive official video, Gemma Hayes is on hand to lend the lyrics to this ultimate psy-trance masterpiece.

4) We’re All We Need
Taken from the 2015 album of the same title, ‘We’re All We Need’ cements the trio’s tight relationship with their fans through a message of unity.

3) Peace of Mind
Spreading the notion of redemption throughout the peace, Jono, Tony & Paavo team up with Zoe Johnston once more for this sparkling track.

2) Thing Called Love
Focusing on the Above & Beyond mantra of spreading love and good vibes to all those around us, this release is an all-time feel-good anthem.

1) Sun & Moon
What else could take the number one spot? Above & Beyond’s ultimate iconic track features the vocals of the incredible Richard Bedford.

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