Armin van Buuren Fireworks

Armin van Buuren showcases the ‘Upside Down, 360° Rotating’ DJ Booth

Perhaps a mark of the competitiveness of the industry or just simply the penchant for something extraordinary, Dutch DJ and producer Armin van Buuren‘s latest performances in Rotterdam have had the entire industry’s attention. To wit, the Dutch super star took to his performance at the Vreiden van Amstel event in some fashion by employing the ‘Upside Down, 360° Rotating’ DJ Booth that had been in the works for 2-3 months before the performance was due.

Showcased as part of Episode 33 of his VLOG series, Armin takes the viewers on a tour of the entire process behind the Upside Down DJ booth’s construction; his preparation for the event; the red carpet ceremony and finally the show itself, where artists such as Rigby and Mr. Probz among others were present to assist the DJ in his standout, if not absolutely landmark, performance. Regardless of the occasion, the innovative booth space probably marks another adventurous attempt to change the experience of the audience and the performers – which has worked well for acts such as Deadmau5. It may not now be surprising to say that Armin’s future shows may see the Upside Down DJ Booth employed yet again.

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