Avicii’s hit single ‘Friend of Mine’ gets a touching Official Music Video

A Swede back on the rise to prominence in the industry since announcing his hiatus from touring, Avicii has been focused and singe-minded in shifting his focus to producing great music as always. The Swedish star producer and DJ has courted a keen amount of sympathy and positive attention since the release of his ‘True Stories’ documentary, which focused on a personal side of his life as an artist while also portraying the ups and downs he has faced of late. Regardless, keeping music close to his heart, Avicii released the highly awaited ‘Avīci (01)‘ EP near the last quarter of 2017.

And while the ‘Friend of Mine’ hit single got a space-themed lyric video at the time, the Swede and his team have gone a step further to give it a heartfelt and smart official music video for the track. Featuring a tale twisted by time and memory, the video takes a deep look at the relationships we develop with people and the problem of Alzheimer’s that crops up with age. Though not explicitly talked about in the video, the music video does follow suit from the one made for Alok & Bruno Martini‘s Spinnin’ Records release ‘Hear Me Now‘ in starting a conversation over the age related medical problem. A fittingly emotional video and plot to intertwine the story, the video is a well crafted one for an equally rated track.

You can check out the original track for purchase here on Beatport and here on iTunes.

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