Claptone drops new single and announces second album

A unique proposition in electronic music as we know it, the enigmatic Claptone has become one of the world’s most renowned artists while he himself is shrouded in mystery. Having carved his own niche in an ever-changing climate, Claptone now steps up to the plate with his second studio album titled ‘Fantast’ and a brand new single from the forthcoming issue called ‘In The Night’.

The new album, which follows the success of Claptone’s 2015 artistic debut album ‘Charmer’, features hefty collaborations with some of modern music’s greatest artists: Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke, Blaenavon, Tender, Jones, Zola Blood, Austra’s Katie Stelmanis, The Boxer Rebellion’s Nathan Nicholson, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Joan as a Policewoman, and Matt Simons. His most artful venture to date, the new offering embraces varied cultures and atmospheric textures, whilst delving deep into the art of songwriting.

“Over the last two years it has been a great pleasure to work on this album as a counterpoint to the hectic world of travelling as a DJ. To lose myself when making music, to dive into and create my very own realm of beauty. I admit it’s a dreamy, a heartfelt, at times a naive and surely escapist album, but what to do if one – on the quest for his soul – develops a strong desire to go back to his roots, back to nature? Did I find myself on that journey? Rather not. But I found some beautiful moments in the green, out in the woods, out in the fields, under the moon and in the night, moments, which I want to share with you. And there is one thing I learned and now it can be told, I am and have always been a ‘Fantast’.” 

2018 will see another intense year of touring as a DJ with Claptone taking his immersive ‘The Masquerade’ event experience further, having built momentum over the last 18 months hosting events and stages in Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, Melbourne, Barcelona and New York and at festivals like Tomorrowland, Melt Festival, Elrow at Amnesia Ibiza, Green Valley in Brazil.

Check out the new single ‘In The Night’, featuring vocals from Ben Duffy, and the full album tracklisting below. ‘Fantast’ is set to release later this year, which you can presave on Spotify here.

1. Birdsong (feat. Zola Blood)
2. In The Night (feat. Ben Duffy)
3. Under The Moon (feat. Nathan Nicholson)
4. Stay The Night (feat. Tender)
5. Stronger (feat. Ben Duffy)
6. Bad Thing (feat. Jones)
7. Wildside (feat. Matt Simons)
8. Abyss Of Love (feat. Nathan Nicholson)
9. La Esperanza (feat. Katie Stelmanis)
10. A Waiting Game (feat. Nathan Nicholson)
11. Cruising (So They Say) (feat. Kele)
12. Animal (feat. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah)
13. Alone (feat. Blaenavon)