Coachella towers over other competitors on the top grossing festivals list

Undoubtedly known as one of the leading festivals across the face of the Americas, Coachella rise to the top has not only been the story of its rising fame but also one of a heavy grossing festival. And if Concert Industry’s one of a kind trade magazine Pollstar is to be consulted, Coachella has more or less – like this year – dominated the rankings for the past few years – with the only exception being that of the 2016 rankings. The California based festival was rated above the likes of Outside Lands and Sao Paulo Trip and is one of the three California based festivals which make the cut among the top 5 on the 20-festival list – hinting at California’s tag as one of world’s prime entertainment stages.

What’s more is that Coachella has absolutely bewildered fellow competitors with a staggering Gross of $114,593,000 which towers high above the comparatively low Gross figures of Outside Lands’ $27 M and Sao Paulo Trip’s $17 M. This year’s Coachella festival would be looking to further push those figures although they can take a relaxed outlook when it comes to competition from fellow competitors. To check out this year’s Coachella line-up, head over to our report here.

For more information, head over to Pollstar’s document here.

H/T: DJMag

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