Coquillage & Crustace

Coquillage & Crustacé – Wounds

Although they may not be known to the masses yet, Coquillage & Crustacé are a two talented producers who have been working in the techno scene for longer than most, with been lying under the radar as ghost producers for more than 15 years. Finally they have decided to launch themselves into the limelight as the masked DJ duo known as Coquillage & Crustacé, combining their unique styles of production and mixing with an impressive visual show. These two lovers of powerful sounds and heavy beats will make you escape to another realm with their enchanting productions and live sets, taking the underground world of techno to a new level.

Their latest release ‘Wounds’ is part of a three track EP that is bound to get the ground rumbling and the crowd moving. The track is a stunning blend of dark, brooding tech-house, with some brilliant interjections of trance and progressive house elements. Grabbing the listener right from the outset and never letting go, we are driven by the track’s rhythmic beat in the first half of ‘Wounds. The breakdown then sets the atmosphere for the remainder of the song, with the enchanting and prolific synthwork building the intensity as we near the climax, before the heavy bassline kicks in and the energy escalates. ‘Wounds’ would fit perfectly in an Eric Prydz or Kölsch live set, which speaks volumes for the quality of the track. You can be sure that this pair are certainly ones to keep an eye for in the future.

Stream the track below, and grab your copy on Beatport here.