DAMSTERAM & JRND release their latest ‘Analog’ EP as a Spinnin’ giveaway

For a duo who have only become a pair recently, DAMSTERAM & JRND have rising at quite a speed through the industry’s ranks. Primarily starting as individual acts, the two turned into a duo after a fateful meeting in a few years ago. What followed was a musical journey that has seen them deliver gems such as the latest ‘Unbreakable‘ remix. While 2017 had been a year to build their image as a duo, the Dutch duo are primed and ready to kick 2018 off in some fashion with their ‘Analog’ EP, released on Spinnin’ Records‘ Copyright Free Music initiative.

The EP kicks off with a soothing and, although one should be slow to judge, possibly the best single from the EP, titled ‘Standoff’. The goal of the EP is presciently clear from the get go as it showcases itself as a statement release for the duo to put their unique sound at the forefront of their artist image. Featuring Darrick Atwater on vocal duties, the first track chimes in as an upbeat release that is laced with a charming saxophone snippet.

‘Up In Flame’ follows suit, featuring an awe-inspiring beat-work from narou and the EP duo, where both adeptly switch up between infectious vocals from Dylan Brady, detailed vocal snippets and a wicked guitar solo – all the while maintaining their charming sound. The three-track EP comes to an end with ‘Lost Control’ featuring Kédo Rebelle and MEL. The closing track, while leaving the ‘Analog’ EP open ended as a collection of tracks, does well to round it off in terms of the DAMSTERAM & JRND sound taking the more mellow approach.

You can check out more music on their individual Soundcloud profiles here and here.

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