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Axwell’s Axtone unveils Tom Staar’s ‘Come Together’ as the label’s 100th release

Dedicating the 100th release of the iconic Axtone label to their fans, Axwell’s famed imprint have unveiled Axtone 100, a track titled ‘Come Together’ by Tom Staar. The track features very special artwork, made up of personal photos of Axwell fans and the #AxtoneFamily, with the label showing their appreciation for many years of support.

With April 2016 marking the last time Tom made an appearance on Axtone, pairing up with Robbie Rivera for ‘The Funkatron’, his next record is set to drop on February 9th. In the past few months the UK progressive house artist has been making huge strides with releases on his own StaarTraxx imprint and touring throughout Europe during the summer of 2017. This next record is something special, with the heavenly vocals of Matt Hope and the overwhelming “feel-good” vibes all throughout the track, ‘Come Together’ will bedazzle house fans all across the board.

Without a doubt, Tom Staar is a maverick, commanding both style and impeccable quality throughout his live shows and his releases. As adept at remixing as he is producing originals, the Tom Staar sound is overarching and runs deep with vibes from house music’s beginnings. Following the evolution of his sound from the early 2010 era to now, we see the morph of different styles, and influences.

His first release of 2018 explodes as a blast from the past, ‘Come Together’ is spine-tingling, the somewhat faded progressive house style that reigned supreme 6-7 years ago is shining alive and bright throughout the record. The track recently received a big debut on Tom’s newly launched podcast/radio show StaarPlayr.  The vocals from Matt Hope ensure goosebumps will run through the skin of all listeners.

The record has plenty of history as well. First played last year during the Axtone party in Miami during the Miami Music Week, the track was as novel then as it is now, making appearances throughout some of Tom’s live sets since. Another major appearance for the release was during ADE at the 5 years of Protocol Recordings show, Tom played a set that was one unreleased song after the other, a principal facet of his.

The upcoming artwork is here,

Tom Staar

Looking deep into the vault of Tom’s discography, it seems proper to revisit some of his best releases over the years in order to truly welcome in “Come Together”. Known as a DJ who can be rocking anywhere between 4-5 ID’s under his belt at any time, we will only look at released music.

5. Tom Staar with Rob & Jack – Sunshine

This single embodies some of the finest traits progressive house has to offer, beautiful melodies, soaring strings, crisp beats, you can’t beat it.


4. Tom Staar, Kryder, The Wulf,- De Puta Madre

A groove house gem, “De Puta Madre” was instrumental in encapsulating the sound of the genre and paving the way for others to follow. How about that melody?


3. Tom Staar- Drift

Size Records has released some of his best works throughout his career, this one is too good for words.

2. Tom Staar- Bora

Released on Axtone in 2015, “Bora” is jaw-dropping, Tom is known for his melodies, suave production skills, and slick sound design, this track has all of that.

  1. Tom Staar & Ansolo- Totem

This record helped put Tom on the map, “Totem” is one of his most known records of all time. At the time of it’s release, it was original and crazy groovy, just ask any DJ ever.

Honourable Mentions:

“Me Sueño” (featuring Martina Carmago) and “Bird Flu (with Corey James), Cartel Recordings is a beast when it comes to the Latino vibes and groove house anthems, these two records are irresistible. There is also Arno Cost and Norman Doray – Apocalypse 2014 (Kryder & Tom Staar Remix), and Armin van Buuren – “Ping Pong” (Kryder & Tom Staar Remix). When Kryder and him get together, the end result is mind blowing, check them out!

You can catch a snippet of “Come Together” from his live streamed set from October in Amsterdam.