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Eric Prydz shares spectacular 3D hologram footage

When we think of artists who have pioneered the electronic dance music industry several names spring to mind, but when it comes to the way production has evolved over many years, there is none quite like Eric Prydz at the forefront of the game. The Swedish music producer has revolutionised crowd experience with his EPIC shows, most recently EPIC 5.0 which took place last May in the impressive Steel Yard, London. Prydz showcased the most stunning 3D Holograms the industry has seen to date, coupled with light shows to lasers, the DJ packs it all.

Now gearing up the Pryda fanbase again, Eric has teased a video showing his latest hologram action in the wake of an announcement that will be dropping this Wednesday. The footage shows a wealth of luminous lights dangling inside a warehouse as they move intricately from the floor to the ceiling and shape patterns. Could this be EPIC 6.0? Certainly, if this is set to be his sixth instalment then get ready for a storm of excitement on Wednesday. The announcement looks set to be some huge news in time for the always hugely anticipated summer season ahead.

Success will be in store for the DJ again this year who has a busy roster ahead. Eric Prydz had already announced a massive show when he joins forces with a king of techno Adam Beyer later this year in Miami as tickets sold out in just 24 hours. Check out the footage below and let us know in the comments if you will be seeing Eric Prydz perform this year and where.

Announce Wednesday…

Successful testAnnounce Wednesday…

Posted by Eric Prydz on Monday, January 29, 2018