Up-and-coming producer First unveils his newest track titled "INIT" on Dutch label RecPlay Records, ending 2017 with a bang.

First – INIT

As a musician who lets his music speak for itself, First has always been ahead in accomplishing that. Showcasing his skills inside the studio once again, the enigmatic producer has recently taken his talents to Dutch label RecPlay Records to unveil his latest track titled “INIT“. With such an incredible 2017 campaign under his belt, First perfectly finishes off his year with the release of this brand new festival powerhouse.

The track builds up with a series of heavy synths and hard-hitting beats that immediately bring the intensity right to the listeners. As the record culminates, the energy amplifies even more especially once the massive drop ensues. Featuring a combination of jolting basslines, mesmerizing synths, and bass house elements, the climax will undoubtedly liven up a crowd of any magnitude. Overall, with its monstrous sounds and top-notch production quality, “INIT” is looking to dominate any festival in the near future.

Since his arrival to the scene, First has made a lot of noise with his music despite being shrouded in mystery. He first stunned the world with his earth-shattering tune “Imperium” and followed it up with an impressive remix of Marcio Lama’s “Monster”, which is out now on BMD Ψ Friends. With “INIT” added to the mix, First’s career is surely looking promising and bright heading into 2018.

Check out the full track on Spotify below.