Bizzey Yellow Claw

Former Yellow Claw member Bizzey drops solo single, sets album release date

It was June 2016 when popular Dutch electro trio Yellow Claw announced the departure of MC Bizzey, their third member from the group. At the time, it was MC Bizzey himself who decided he wanted to spend more time with his wife and young son. The news came as a big shock to Yellow Claw’s fans, who had come to love the energetic mixture of trap, hiphop hardstyle and dubstep from the trio. After hits like “Shotgun” and “Till It Hurts” Yellow Claw carried on as a duo with remaining members Jim Aasgier and Nizzle, releasing one album since: ‘Los Amsterdam’ in March 2017.

There wasn’t any news from MC Bizzey since his self-chosen departure, until last Friday, when “Bizzey” (who now dropped ‘MC’ from his name) announced his return to music. Alongside the news of his return, the now 32-year old former Yellow Claw member immediately dropped a brand new single with fellow Dutchmen Kraantje Pappie, Chivv and Yung Felix, titled “Ja!” At the end of the video, Bizzey also announces the release date for his solo album, which is set for February 16. The album is titled ‘November’ and if “Ja!” is a preview of what we can expect from the entire album, you might want to start polishing up your Dutch language skills.

For his latest single “Ja!” Bizzey collaborated with three Dutch rap- and hiphop artists, who have all made tracks and albums predominantly in Dutch. Check out the video for “Ja!” below, in which Bizzey and a bunch of befriended well known Dutch YouTubers star in the funny made-up gameshow ‘I Love Bizzey’.