Hardwell announces the launch of upcoming Revealed sub-label

As celebrations run high amidst Hardwell‘s highly revered Hardwell On Air podcast completes its 350th episode, the Revealed Recordings boss had another big announcement to make. At a time when Revealed‘s fellow labels run the show with a myriad of sub-labels – with Spinnin’ Records and Armada Music being prime examples of the practice – the Dutch label’s head honcho has announced that Revealed will soon be announcing a sub-label under its ambit.

While little is out there with regards to its names and description, Hardwell was quick to let out that the label will be focused towards releasing stuff that caters solely to the aspect of “listening pleasure” and will funnel music that is easier to showcase on the radio shows – somewhat, he says, like the ‘Off The Record’ Hardwell On Air shows. What’s more is that the first release on the label will be coming from none other than Swedish artist Rich Edwards, a Monstercat frequenter, who is behind hits such as ‘Sweetest Addiction‘ and ‘Where I’ll Be Waiting‘. Safe to say then that the upcoming Revealed Recordings sub-label can envisage a successful start with a progressive hit from the Swede.

You can follow all the news about Hardwell’s sub-label launch here.

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