KSHMR’s plans for debut album revealed

KSHMR is keeping his momentum sky high throughout the first part of the year. Between unveiling high-quality productions on a regular basis to maintaining and managing a top-class output of his Dharma imprint, KSHMR is set to take his career one step further in 2018.

Details have now emerged that the American producer is officially working on a studio album. With his ever-rising popularity among dance fans and his endmost success, it was only a matter of time before an LP announcement followed. Now this is something most of his fans have been waiting for eagerly to become reality.

It’s not by chance that a person earns a reputation of “EDM’s good guy”. Considering all that he has accomplished to bolster electronic music’s modern transformation, KSHMR is more than deserving of such a title. Since finding worldwide fame in 2014 with his tracks “Megalodon“ and “Burn“, which went on to become one of Revealed’s most successful releases, KSHMR has kept his worldwide audience entranced with single after single.

During a time when electronic music was about to lose its reputation due to the lack of creativity as some of the industry figures stated, he helped re-shaping the industry with his distinctive sound and musical vision. It is with great anticipation that dance music fans all around the world wait to see what he will bring to the table with the long-awaited album.


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