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One of Miami’s most promising

Landis – Let go

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One of Miami’s most promising exports has just returned with a brand new production. Landis, who has gained notoriety for his remarkable releases such as “Hypnotica” or “Impact”, displays his talents once again with his latest track titled “Let Go”.

Opening up with a stunning vocal and a mesmerizing melodic progression, “Let Go” instantly draws the audience in and brings the listeners to a state of euphoria. Showcasing his production skills in a remarkable manner, the buildup leads into the first drop that consists of thrilling tropical sounds. The attractiveness of the track increases during the second half of the record, having picked up the vibe toward the concluding drop. With its soft-hitting basslines and high-octane energy, this final climatic sequence perfectly finishes off the track.

Hailing from Miami, Landis has become renowned for his incredible bouncy style in the past. Especially with his music’s top-notch production quality, displayed in tracks like “NANG NANG” or his take on The ChainsmokersHonest“, Landis continues his rise with his newest track “Let Go”.

It’s too early to speculate as to whether his newest release will hit the same highs as his previous singles, but this sounds like another career-defining moment for one of the US’ hottest up and coming dance prospects.

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