Malifoo – You

Whilst many may not yet recognize the name, DJ and Producer Malifoo is ready to take this year by storm. After four years with Juan Lenis by his side as Lenx & Denx, he has been busy laying the foundations as a solo artist in 2017. His debut release on Armada’s imprint The Bearded Man entitled ‘Talk Box’ caught the attention of plenty of fans and producers alike, with Hardwell and Borgeous being some of the noteworthy A-listers who showed some early support. And now he’s back on Armin van Buuren’s label once again, as he carries on this positive momentum and joins the ranks of a handful of new producers who are keeping their peculiar sound at the forefront of their artistry.

With hard work and persistence, it seems that the producer’s sound has finally found a perfect platform for its display. His latest track, ‘You’, encompasses the listener right from the outset – it is atmospheric and enchanting yet instills an infectious beat that means it will go down perfectly on a packed dance floor. Centred around the spine tingling female vocals, the uniquely vibrant chords and the tight bass line flurries generate a deep house vibe throughout, and serve as a testament to Malifoo’s skill and creativity in the studio.

Raising the bar for his future productions, ‘You’ will no doubt catapult Malifoo’s career to entirely new heights and bring him closer to greater prominence as an artist.

Malifoo’s astounding new single ‘You’ is now available on Armada’s imprint The Bearded Man. Check out the track below and purchase it here.