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Electronic producer Marshemllo has shaken things up with his new music video for the track ‘Love U‘. Since his meteoric rise to fame, the masked mogul became quite the sensation with numerous chart-topping releases and an ever-increasing Mellogang in tow. And while most of the DJs’ music videos involve Marshmello himself in real form shaking up the schoolyard or rollerblading around, the ‘Alone‘ star has swapped over to the animated world for his latest music video and it is pretty insane.

Animated Marshmello will earn your love in this psychedelic looking music video which follows a sweet storyline with the animated music producer, a female Marshmello, and an Ice cream shop. Much like the title of the track the music video portrays Mello’s message that love can conquer all as it does to the animated character during the video. But most fascinating about the music video is the crazy colours, trippy effects throughout and also Marshmello rocking out on the decks in the Ice Cream shop.

We can certainly agree the Mellogang are going to enjoy this one. The ‘Love U‘ music video will leave you surprisingly satisfied, so take a look below and watch the new video. Let us know in the comments what you think about the trippy look.