Martin Garrix debuts his new collaboration with David Guetta and Brooks at Sunburn Festival

A while back, world number one DJ Martin Garrix released his epic collaboration ‘So Far Away‘ with French DJ David Guetta which proved super successful and has already picked up over 34 million streams on Spotify. Now the pair of talented artists are back at it again with fellow Dutch DJ Brooks on their latest collaboration and Martin Garrix just debuted the track at India’s Sunburn Festival. The festival which took electronic music fans in India to the new year – and gave the EDM world KSHMR‘s ‘Shiva‘ – were treated by the young superstar to the debut track who announced the collaboration with Guetta and Brooks during his set.

With Martin Garrix gearing his crowd ready, the Dutch DJ dropped the vocally alluring track and from what we can hear in the clip the track certainly sounds pretty epic. It looks like Martin, Guetta, and Brooks have whipped together a melodic monster of a track and this will most likely be doing its rounds when the festival season kicks into full swing this year.

With Martin Garrix having one of his most successful years to date no doubt the DJ is not hanging about in 2018 and getting straight down to business. Check out and give a listen to the track below taken from Sunburn Festival and let us know in the comments what you think about the collaboration.