Michael Calfan

Michael Calfan previews his next ultra-deep upcoming track on Instagram

The quintessential Michael Calfan sound is revered by most. He is well known for his classy, deep vibes, his ear for vintage sounding vocals, and jaw-dropping melodies. The 27 year old French house master is associated with some of dance music’s most historic acts. Discovered in 2008 by the legendary Bob Sinclair, Calfan is the mastermind behind some of dance music’s most recognizable hits.

The mystique of the Michael Calfan sound lies in his talent for sound design, and his ability to think outside-the-box as a producer. 2014 was a massive year for him, his back to back hits “Prelude” and 2015’s “Treasured Soul” are some of his biggest tunes. They were also heralded as the archetypes for the modern deep house sound by fans and producers alike. Spinnin’ Records have signed majority of the French producers singles over the years and the DJ continues to be a crown jewel on the record labels roster.

Everything we love about Michael Calfan comes through in this zesty new preview, those 4am tech/deep vibes shine bright in this short snippet put up on his Instagram. He received lots of love from fans in the comments section that are excited to see the DJ back in action.

Time will tell regarding a release date and a proper preview, but for now enjoy!

New music coming soon

A post shared by Michael Calfan (@michaelcalfan) on Jan 12, 2018 at 8:06am PST