Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings announce 100th release ‘PRTCL’

January 12th, that is the date when the 100th instalment on the Dutch masterminds label Protocol Recordings lands. “Take it up, take it down, bringing back the underground sound“, that is the mantra for Nicky Romero’s upcoming single. The prospective 100th release comes as a huge monument for the label, just as Protocol Recordings celebrated 5 years of existence this past fall at ADE. Fans first caught a glimpse of this jaw dropping banger during the DJ’s Protocol Radio 281 year-mix that occurred not more than a week ago.

Protocol Recordings received lots of praise this past year for garnering brand new talent on the label, becoming a trendsetter amongst the electro-house scene, and branching out into the far depths of house musics new and exciting sub genres. Among other milestones to occur these past few months for Nicky Romero and his label, the esteemed label reached its 250th radio show back in May of 2017.

The track itself features the collaborative efforts from the groovemaster MC Spyder who has collaborated alongside top industry leaders all throughout his decorated career. The DJ/Producer has releases all across the spectrum and has appeared on some of the most popular and respected labels such as Spinnin’, Dim Mak, and naturally Protocol Recordings. Together, the duo seem to have a goal in mind for this release, it’s all about bringing back the vintage grooves. Fans and producers alike will be quick to recall how much this track recalls the sound of many moons ago, featuring fast and heavy percussion, perfectly mixed sub-bass, and euphoric lead lines.

Be sure to grab a copy when it lands! Check out the preview below: