Oliver Heldens’ pioneering future-house track ‘Gecko’ turns 4 years old

Since emerging on the electronic music scene, Dutch sensation Oliver Heldens has been spreading his unique sound across all corners of the globe. And all this done while he amassed a huge following, turning him into one of the biggest names to date. An arsenal of hits at his disposal, the Heldeep Records founder has consistently charmed EDM lovers with his infectious and irresistible sound which earned him a spot at #13 on DJ Mags Top 100 DJs in 2017. Rewind back to 2013 as Oliver broke out on the scene with his track ‘Gecko‘ which caught the attention of his Dutch counterpart Tiësto. The ‘Adagio For Strings‘ star and Musical Freedom boss released Gecko on his label, thus, giving a platform to Oliver Heldens as we know it.

Now his track ‘Gecko’ has turned four years old.

Still one of Oliver Heldens’ most inviting hits, ‘Gecko’ has proved the perfect pioneer for the beginnings of Future House. With an alluring melody, ‘Gecko’ has worked its way through clubs and main-stages, providing an abundance of feel-good vibes and has led to people moving their feet and fists across the world. The track has received over ten million streams on Spotify and an extravagant 21 million plays on YouTube. The track earned itself a vocal makeover in 2014 with singer Becky Hill which has raked in a staggering 112 million streams on Spotify. To date, ‘Gecko’ remains one of the greatest party-starter tracks from the recent years.

Listen to the groovy track below.