The best of: Eric Prydz

A progressive master like no other, Eric Prydz’s tracks are usually elongated, crisp, beautifully crafted, masterpieces. Utilising his Pryda and Cirez D aliases, We Rave You check out our Top 20 Eric Prydz tracks of all time:

20) Welcome To My House
A masterpiece verging on 10 minutes in length, this track is synonymous with Eric’s EPIC 5.0 set at London’s Steel Yard in May 2017.

19) Agag
A zippy and melodic Pryda classic, Agag uses rumbling looped chords to create a wonderfully progressive and intergalactic feel.

18) We Are Mirage
Teaming up with Empire of the Sun to merge two of the most successful tracks of modern times, Prydz’s mash-up was so popular in live sets that it warranted an official release.

17) Midnight City (Eric Prydz Private Remix)
The official anthem of Creamfields 2012, the mighty UK Festival chose to use this whopping Prydz mix due to the insatiably gigantic drop and gorgeous build-up.

16) Layers
A looping hook which builds with a never-ending sight of a drop, Layers is quintessentially Pryda in its production, a true masterpiece.

15) Stay With Me
Demonstrating his deep and dark tech-house skills, Prydz dons his Pryda hat once more for this brooding after-hours floor-filler.

14) Call On Me
It still feels crazy that a track like this was produced by Eric Prydz. But love it or loathe it, it is a banger! True Fact: The saucy music video for this track is still banned in some countries.

13) Sunset at Café Mambo
A beautifully crafted sonic selection, inspired by the idyllic scenery of Ibiza’s sunset haven, this one is chill-out perfection.

12) Liberate
Laced with the trademark Prydz chords we’ve become accustomed to, Liberate was a huge commercial success upon release in 2014.

11) Lillo
Dedicated to the memory of now deceased superfan James Lillo, Prydz states that this track always makes him emotional, after he cried on stage during it at his EPIC 5.0 show.

10) On/Off
A dark techno gem created by his Cirez D moniker, this one always goes off live with the accompanying laser-beam show.

9) Shadows
Yet another Pryda anthem to make the list, rich female vocals top Eric’s haunting chords which launch into a full-on progressive anthem.

8) Niton (The Reason)
A club classic and true Ibiza anthem, Niton features one of the most iconic hooks in dance music history. A true party starter!

7) Proper Education
Reworking a classic is always a tough task, especially when the classic belongs to a band so prestigious as Pink Floyd. But Eric smashed this one in 2007, with a funky groove-based bassline.

6) Tether
A team up with CHVRCHES which came to the fore in 2015 just a few months before Eric’s album release, ‘Tether’ features the signature sound Eric has become so synonymous with.

5) Allein
Impossible to not sing along to, the Swedish maestro displays the full weight of his incredibly smooth mixing skills on ‘Allein’, providing a 5-minute stunner which feels like one long fluid-like journey.

4) Every Day
“If every day goes like this, how do we survive?” – An instantly recognisable chorus, this is peak Prydz production prowess!

3) Pjanoo
A true and timeless Ibiza classic, this 2008 anthem has already cemented its place as one of dance music’s greatest ever productions.

2) Generate
The jewel in the crown of his 2016 album, Generate offers a glimpse into the insane talent of the Swedish master through his progressive electro melodies.

1) Opus
A production like nothing ever seen before, the metronomic build of Opus gives way to perhaps music’s greatest ever drop. But why read this, when you can listen to it instead?

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