Shapov’s “The Way” receives stunning remix EP on Axtone

Coming as one of the first Axtone releases to be made in 2018, Shapov’s single “The Way” released in November receives diverse renditions from multiple dance music artists all across the spectrum. The original features the nifty vocal work from Trouze and is a rather unique side to Shapov that fans might not be to familiar with. For those familiar with his work on “Vavilon” and “Everybody”, this single is a testimony to the Russian producers versatility and highlights the very talented fibre of his productions.

“The Way” which was given brilliant artwork from one of Axtone’s creative team members Breakfast Design, is a spicy deep house record with a tropical lead line, catchy vocal chops, and a club ready hook. The remix EP features the work of Tom Tyger, Marcus Santoro, Pete K,  Lucas Silow, Sini and RMA, and a stripped down acoustic rendition. The first remix comes from the talented Australian producer Marcus Santoro. He adds in his own melodic flavour to Shapov’s tune with soaring leads, driving bass, and a happy trance vibe. Marcus Santoro had a memorable 2017 and had the opportunity to jump into Group Therapy 210 with Above & Beyond. Lucas Silow hails from Sweden and delivers an especially tasty remix of Shapov’s magic by infusing his bouncy chords and slick synth work onto the record. Lucas recently had a remix for Tundran on Avicii’s PRMD Music.

The next remix is an experimental project coming from French maestro Tom Tyger. The producer is known for his dance floor bangers and high energy progressive house. For this remix he takes a more hip hop approach and puts the focus back on the vocals and original melodies while still adding that TT magic. Sini and RMA join forces to deliver an epic electro rendition of “The Way” with thick saw leads and banging house beats while still keeping some of the original chords in tact. One of the more progressive remixes on the EP comes from the Portuguese powerhouse Pete K. With his massive chords, melodies, and evolving pads, Pete K turns “The Way” into a dreamy barrage of melodic lines and pulsing beats. Coming as a perfect close to the jam packed remix EP, Trouve and Shapov take things down a gear and produce an acoustic stripped down version of the original. The smooth piano and strings add a delightful feel to the track.

This 6 track Axtone remix EP features some of dance musics finest and some of the upcoming stars soon to join the ranks of the elite. All the way from Sweden to Australia, the eclectic remix EP is sure to please listeners all over the board.

Check out the Axtone remix EP below!