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The best of: Martin Solveig

A quirky and melodic producer famed for his bright neon coloured visuals and wacky dress style, French DJ Martin Solveig is one of dance music’s greatest characters. We Rave You honour the house master with our Top 10 Martin Solveig tracks of all time:

10) Blow
One of Martin’s earliest releases, the house hit introduced us to a colourful character set to dominate the scene for years to come.

9) Big In Japan
Fusing synthy pop with upbeat house beats, ‘Big in Japan’ is a toe-tappingly addictive track packed with rhythm.

8) Ready 2 Go
Teaming up with Kele for this New Year’s Day 2011 release, Martin and Kele combine perfectly to create a feel-good party starter.

7) Hey Now
Packed with vibrant chords and sparkling melodies, ‘Hey Now’ was a huge summer hit for Martin long before his ‘My House’ days.

6) All Stars
Utilising the vocals of Finnish singer ALMA, Solveig’s 2017 track was a huge hit during his summer residency at Pacha in Ibiza.

5) +1
2015’s banger ‘+1’ showcases the French producer at this best, with a track coated in that signature summery Solveig sound.

4) Do It Right
A production pierced by those iconic ‘Oooh baby’ vocals, Do It Right has become a staple fixture in Martin Solveig’s live sets.

3) Places
Debuted during his performance at Creamfields’ Steel Yard event in Liverpool in November 2016, Places features a colourful video release dominated by Ibiza.

2) Hello
The track that catapulted Martin into our hearts, this massive 2010 stormer saw Martin face off against Bob Sinclar during a tennis match at the French Open.

1) Intoxicated
Solveig’s most instantly recognisable track, French horn sounds dominate an upbeat tempo and melodic chord-based breakdown.

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