Steve Angello and Kryder confirm their collaboration together

What pairing could prove more lethal to dance-floors around the world than the fabled Steve Angello and the master of the groove himself, Kryder. In a post on Facebook that blew up with likes, comments, and appraisals, Kryder posted a screenshot that shows Steve Angello proclaiming that he is stoked about their track that he has been playing since the summer. What makes this collaboration so special is that we have never seen the two producers join forces in the studio yet, exponentially pushing the hype and anticipation for this record through the roof.

The speculation and mystery surrounding this ID has been going on since the summer when Steve starting playing out the record live, Kryder then mentioned in an interview with Wololo Sound, “I made a record with him (Steve) already, in the summer”. He then states how both artists were so busy during the summer that they couldn’t get around to releasing it. Kryder expresses his fondness for what is in store, he mentions how it is a gypsy house/soul record that he is quite happy with however it needed some more time until it is ready to be released. The interviewer then poses the question of whether Kryder thinks the collaboration would ever land on Steve’s new album, Kryder responds that he is not sure and that it is quite different than his other works, again reiterating the new buzzword, gypsy house, could this become a new sub-genre?

Video footage from Kryder’s Instagram gives us a small dose of the collaboration, off-beat guitar licks and wandering gypsy-like vocals fill the spectrum just as the tempo starts to rise and pulsing plucks begin to make waves. A collaboration that is too good to be true, we can only wait for this “gypsy house” gem to come to life.

Check out this live rip from Kryder’s Instagram:

The screenshot that puts this  story on the map: