Steve Angello – Children Of The Wild (Stefano Pain & Emanuele Antimi remix)

Attracted to music from an early age, Italian artist Emanuele Antimi is more than just a DJ. A producer with a musician’s background, Antimi began to learn the violin and guitar at just 5 years of age. With classical music in his blood, Antimi transferred his skills into the EDM world. Now, he’s teamed up with good friend Stefano Pain to deliver a unique remix of Steve Angello‘s ‘Children Of The Wild‘.

Retaining the original track’s vocals from Mako, the track steps away from EDM and takes a live approach, making great use of electric guitars and bass guitar to create a warm, yet driven sound. In the verses, bit-crushed and saturated guitars aptly support Mako’s husky vocals, combining to create an edgy yet uplifting Rock atmosphere. Amidst the aforementioned elements, crashing cymbals and thick, layered snares help fill out the track, giving it the fullness it needs.

While Antimi’s recent remix has amassed over 24k SoundCloud plays, he’s previously had bigger success. His track ‘Pump‘ was signed by prestigious UK label Blanco y Negro. In addition to this, his record ‘Moony‘ reached no.13 on Italy’s iTunes chart, maintaining its position for another 2 weeks.

Be sure to listen to Antimi & Pain’s ‘Children Of The Wild’ remix below and download it for free here.

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