Gucci Mane

Tiësto & Sevenn feat. Gucci Mane – BOOM

Tiësto & Sevenn‘s festival anthem BOOM has been an absolute smasher in and around the festival circuit. Just as the flame was starting to calm down, the track has received a powerful vocal version. The legendary Dutchman looks to America’s youth delight, Gucci Mane for assistance. The result is an EDM-Rap hybrid with the potential for an even wider reach than the original.

This isn’t the first time Thijs (aka Tiësto) has ventured into rap territory. The Musical Freedom label boss has been known to dwell into the hip-hop world from time to time. His most famous works in the EDM-rap sphere has been C’Mon with Diplo & Busta Rhymes, and of course Feel It with Three 6 Mafia.

“My track “BOOM” is already a massive club hit, and I figured that it still had some room to grow with the right feature. I’ve always liked Gucci’s flow and music, so I approached him and he was down! This particular collaboration came together organically. What I’ve learned about teaming up with other artists is that everyone’s ear is different and everyone has their unique approach to working with a track. I know my sound very well, which can make collaborations difficult because I’m not willing to compromise my style. But, when my collaborations work, they really work. This track is an example of that.” – Tiësto

Check out the full track on Spotify below.