Xiver featuring Jordy – Untouchable

Joining the ranks of budding producers from the North American continent are Gaithersburg, Maryland based talents Evan Dunmyer, better known by his Xiver moniker. Having toured with none other than One Direction and opened for globally famous artists such as Drake and Lil Wayne, the DC based producer has been on the course for streamlining his work into the bigger stage. As he gets ready to make the next level, he showcases adept production ability in his latest collaboration track titled ‘Untouchable’ featuring fellow DC producer Jordy .

Solely performance focused in its sound and outlook, ‘Untouchable’ is Xiver and Jordy’s talisman in conveying their magic from behind the decks to the audiences. Kicking off with a complexity of vocal snippets, the track is guided along by subtle hints of a bass heavy approach before it breaks into a full-fledged Dubstep styled production. Highly energetic and a piece of heavy listening for crowds, Xiver’s collaboration with Jordy in the shape of ‘Untouchable’ is assured to stand out among their sets and mixes. With the sort of ambition that the DC producer dons, it would be advisable to remember the name as he finds his ground in booming industry.

You can check out the track on YouTube here.

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