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Zedd teases fans with snippet of new single on Twitter

Having established himself as one of EDM’s biggest names, Zedd has played at numerous festivals all across the world, gaining a huge following in the process. Now, the popular producer has taken to his official Twitter account to bare a preview of his brand-new single, in the same way he did when previewing his track ‘Get Low’ featuring the vocals of former One Direction vocalist, Liam Payne.

However, that’s a catch. And a cheeky one at that! Though the ‘Clarity‘ producer gives us a couple of seconds of his new track, he abruptly ends the broadcast, leaving fans to ponder how the rest of the track might sound. We can certainly deduce from this brief sample that the song contains drums and some kind of vocal, as a female singer seems to be screaming “baby”, with Zedd recently stating:

“My management and label don’t ever really jump in and tell me when a song will be a single or not, because I think we have a pretty clear understanding that I make the decision”. “My label may say, ‘Hey, I think this may be a better thing’ or ‘Maybe you shouldn’t do this,’ but they will never be able to tell me no, because they respect me as an artist, which is amazing.”

We have to give credit to Zedd. The tactic is a hilarious way to build hype, and we’re certainly intrigued. Watch the “teaser” clip below and let us know if you think this one will be a big hit for Zedd in the comments below.

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