Summer Festival EDM

2Tallin’ – Next To Me

US based producer 2Tallin’ has been pushing the boundaries of his music, taking influences from dance/pop, hip-hop, and rock. Choosing his stage name based on his unmistakable height, at 6 feet 8 inches 2Tallin’ is back with his latest single ‘Next To Me’ – where he opts for a tropical summer vibe that has a real feel good effect.

With heart warming vocals at the center of the track, underpinned by an exciting mix of catchy guitar riffs and soothing melodies, the track is a top notch production. 2Tallin’s added instrumentals clearly provide a refreshing and euphoric auditory experience that listeners will certainly come to love. The chorus of the track takes influence from Martin Garrix and Matisse & Sadko’s ‘Dragon’, where the soothing melody. Throughout the track, 2Tallin’ blends some of the best components of commercially appealing dance music, typified by lush chord progressions, soothing vocals and a vibrant rhythm, to create a track that is assured to be appealing to a broad and diverse array of listeners.’Next To Me’ is perfect for a long summer drive along the coast, a day by the beach or even if you’re just chilling at home, so be sure to add to your feel good playlists.

Check out the lyric video below.