Al Sharif

AL Sharif & Luis Lee – EGO

AL Sharif & Luis Lee have cooked up an absolute stunner. The deep, tortuous sound of “EGO” will leave you absolutely blown away. Al Sharif, who hails from the United States has been creating quite a whirl in the groove house community the past few months, pulling through with one gem after another. Luis Lee based in Mexico is also on a hot streak. The two groove house maestros joined forces to create a tribal spiced house record of epic proportions.

Spectrum Recordings has become a promising beacon for top tier groove/tribal house that reaches the ears of some of the genres pioneers, including Kryder and Tom Staar. The label hones an incredibly diverse roster of esteemed artists that are all currently pumping out some of the highest quality house records on the market today. The finesse of Al Sharif and Luis Lee collided flawlessly on “EGO”, the heavy lead lines, thunderous bass, and groovy drums lash out just as the shining vocals dive in to clear the air before pandemonium ensues once again. The clean, focused production essence of the two artists comes as a defining element in the track. Overall, the fresh approach the two artists maintain proves to be a stellar combination.

Al Sharif has releases on StaarTraxx, Groove Cartel, Spectrum, and Glorie Records. The producer really stepped into the limelight with his release “The Iberian” on StaarTraxx which turned heads all over. His style is marked by his refreshing take on the established groove house sound, the latin flare he brings to the table whether it’s through horns, vocals, or atmospheres truly shines bright. Luis Lee is a rising star in the groove community, the catchy vibes in his tracks are quietly catching the attention of many hallmark producers. Without a doubt, Al Sharif and Luis Lee are artists to watch closely in 2018.

Wrap your ears around EGO, out now!