Alesso opens up about his influences and upcoming urban single

Swedish maestro Alesso is no stranger to experimentation in music production, with each of his recent releases diversifying further, effortlessly transcending genres. As an artist whose style is somewhat unpredictable, the motives and influences behind each individual release are truly fascinating. Recently, Alesso sat down with Billboard to discuss his views on Brazilian funk, and being stuck in a particular genre, as well as his plans for an EP.

“I’m definitely not so much influenced by dance music. I’m influenced by other genres that I can put in dance music because I think that’s the future. The funk in Brazil is so interesting to see. Last time I was here, I went to this Brazilian funk club and I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s this completely different environment I’d never been exposed to but so refreshing.”

Opening up about his views on being “in jail” when known for a particular sound, Alesso said:

“When you start being known for a certain sound, you kind of feel like you’re in jail. Now, I’m just jumping around a bit and trying different sounds, and I’m really having fun for the first time in a long time. … I just don’t like repeating myself, and the response has been incredible — everything from having a big song in Brazil and a huge song now in the U.S. and Europe and Asia. It’s not so necessary to have an album these days. People don’t even listen to albums like they used to, which is quite sad, but it’s fine. I think an EP is enough today, two to three records. So, maybe an EP.”

Discussing the future, Alesso unveils his plans for his next release:

“I just started making my first urban record. My next single is very different, which excites me too because I can’t wait to surprise my fans. The important thing is I always know what kind of Alesso touch to put on it to keep that sound, because I have an ear for what I want to represent. If I’m going to make an urban record, I want to be around those who can explain it to me. I want to learn about what I’m doing, not just throw it out and see what happens.”

Take a look at the full interview here.

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