Alesso & KO:YU unveil wild music video for ‘Vai Malandra’ remix

No strangers to each others’ music, Alesso and KO:YU have teamed up once again to remix Anitta’s latest single ‘Vai Malandra’ – and a wild music video to accompany the track. Having already joined forces in the past to remix Alesso’s own track, the Swede teamed up with fellow heavyweight Deniz Koyu to deliver a modified version of “I Wanna Know”. And although KO:YU doesn’t drop a new production every day of the week, when he does, the Turkish big room producer doesn’t tend to strike lightly.

With the steady rise in popularity in Latin/Brazilian music, it should be no surprise to see more and more producers exploring this genre. And while Alesso is known for his classic progressive house sound, this latest ‘Vai Malandra’ remix is a hard-hitting banger that takes a step away from his recent downtempo style. As we come increasingly closer to festival season, this track will be sure to rock the crowd during both artists’ sets and give off some high energy.

To fit the wild nature of the track, the music video is equally as wild – depicting a bizarre party on a farm before things continue on to a nightclub that features everything from dance-offs to twerking to tractors. You have to see it to believe it, so be sure to check it out below.