Alesso tells fan to “get the f*ck out of here” after being called a ‘sell-out’

If you have ever wanted to know what Alesso thinks about the evolution of his sound and where he came from versus where he is now, here you go. One of the hottest topics in dance music at the moment is how iconic artists are leaving behind their “roots” and picking up a new style, albeit with mixed reviews. Of all the producers who were loved and adored for their old school sound, the Swedish mastermind might be the tip of the iceberg. Similar to the Avicii narrative of years ago, Alesso was (and still remains) a master of his craft. He is known for his heart melting melodies, euphoric big room presence, and more recently his crossover into a whole new realm.

Long story short, Alesso told a fan to “Get the [email protected]$! out of here” when a courageous fan responded to a throwback tweet of Alesso playing “Calling” at Tomorrowland. He asked “Who is that kid?”, a fan replied

“That kid was the best producer I knew, do you know where he is now?”

[email protected] , February 9th 2018

Needless to say Alesso was not pleased by the response. It is very rare we get to see this side of Alesso. What seemed like genuine care and frankness from both sides evolved into Alesso essentially describing his mantra towards his new sound. He stated,

“No you got it wrong. My streams and sets are bigger than ever. Get your facts straight. If you don’t like change you should change your attitude.”

[email protected], February 9th, 2018

Diving deeper into this dance music phenomenon of changing ones sound, Alesso is no stranger to mixed reviews. The recent avenue he has been taking with his sound is almost night and day from where he started. “Calling (Lose My Mind)” along with Sebastian Ingrosso was and still is a cornerstone progressive house record, it has been played for years and has stood the test of time as one of the genres most known tracks. Now lets compare that with “Is That For Me” with Annita released in 2017. The pop vocals and hip hop beat come from a very different foundation than his releases from 2011-2013. We still get that Alesso vibe, however for die-hard progressive house fans and lovers of the so called “old Alesso“, its mildly disappointing. They want to hear things such as the ineffable masterpiece that is “If I Lose Myself (Alesso vs One Republic)” released in 2013.

Looking back at the producers career, he had many breakout records and still remains as one of dance music’s most innovative producers. The highly successful “I Wanna Know” featuring Nico & Vinz was a splendid record, featuring smooth guitar licks and a pristine feel. We did receive a progressive house version of this record as well, Deniz Koyu helped  on the collaboration to bring new life to the track. Needless to say, Alesso has released plenty of top-notch music over the years, his album “Forever” was a quintessential collection of the producers best music. The man behind anthems like “Heroes”, “Cool”, and the legendary “Under Control” reached god-like status after releasing “Forever” and some critics argue that this is where his sound peaked.

It is up for fans to decide whether Alesso is still in his “glory days”, or that he left them around 2015 or so. Wherever you stand on the topic, Alesso can’t be discredited. He brought us “Pressure” and “Clash”, these records just might be untouchable.

Check out the now deleted tweets below,