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Apple Music showing stern signs of growth in US as compared to Spotify

While the ulterior enjoyment of the streaming services makes most users and consumers oblivious to what is taking place behind the satin curtains of the booming Online Music Streaming industry, it is safe to say that top notch streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music are going head to head to pip the other. Although online Video platform YouTube is said to be joining the race this year, it is certain that the other two platforms have a substantial head-start in the industry.

What’s more is that in a recent report released by the revered Wall Street Journal has claimed that Apple Music is well on its way to overtake Spotify in terms of growth. In the US alone, Apple Music is growing at a monthly rate of 5% as compared to the latter’s 2%. Fellow outlet EDMTunes is right to point out that Spotify still holds the higher ground in terms of Streaming subscription but the numbers tell quite a story for Apple’s all-devices policy with regard to its own streaming platform.

Regardless, as pointed out above, the real winners of this tussle will be, as far as the long run is concerned, the users and consumers of the streaming services – with an equally attractive choice to be made. What remains for the competitors and new entrants will be a topic of interest for the coming year.

H/T: EDMTunes

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